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August 30, 2008



people are crying FAIL for you not giving it a 50% or so, but in reality, it still is (right now) the "coolest" phone out there and the touch interface is miles ahead of other phones.

g-phone, android, yes yes.... soon we shall see if someone can finally topple apple (alliteration!!!).

until then, the iphone (edge) still works for me and i prefer it among the competition.


Open up that bad boy to all cell phone networks and all bets are off. I predict a BLITZKREIG of sales and universal usage by everybody who can beg, steal or borrow to get one despite any of AOTS's reviews. ATT sucks balls and Apple is a scrotum for having done any dealings with them and yes, I'm the dick for having said that... so what?


it's true. it's true. dammit.


In answer to your Twitter question of ten or so minutes ago: yes, I'm on Firefox, and the entries start looking weird at the one about the quilt.

The Nerdist

I knew it! Thanks, Tara. I'm not running any weird scripts. This is puzzling...


I love how many iPhone problems are blamed on ATT. I have Samsung phone on ATT and I hardly ever drop calls. When I do it's because I'm driving through the back woods of northern Michigan. The phone drops calls because it's not good at being a phone. The keyboard lags because there are problems with the OS. It crashes because it doesn't handle its apps well. The battery dies because there is poor battery management. None of this is ATT's fault. The DeathStar Corp definitely could have done a better job of proliferating 3G coverage, but other than that what of this is their fault?

The Nerdist

Saily- I had a Treo 650 and then a Treo 750 with AT&T and they both got terrible reception, both in LA, NY, SF and most other places I travel to do stand-up (I'm going to guess that I travel more than you do). Whatever area you live in, you are blessed.
Besides, you need to look at AT&T's 3G coverage map. It truly sucks. I keep 3G off most of the time because it comes up "No Service" a lot. That's not a hardware issue. On top of that, their customer service is bad. I called them last year (pre-iPhone) and asked why coverage was so poor in my area (the middle of Los Angeles) and they told me that the lease on a tower nearby ran out and they weren't sure they were going to renew it. In a city of 12 million people, renew the goddamn tower lease.

You are the first person EVER, and I mean that without hyperbole, that has said anything positive to me about AT&T's service.


Nerdist - You do travel way more than I do. I've no doubt you've experienced problems with ATT. I hear people complain about them all the time. BUT, I also hear people bitch about every other cell carrier all the time too. Truth is, I drive all over the state of Michigan, and AT&T is the only company that offers anything resembling reliable service here.

I'm not trying to give them a free pass, it just really bothers me that so many people are pinning all of the Jesus Phone's problems on AT&T. That's like me complaining about Comcast because I have a shitty TV. I think people need to decide if they want a super awesome PDA that sometimes works as a phone, or a phone that works.

The Nerdist

Totally understand...and I hope I was clear in the review and past posts: AT&T and Apple indeed share equal responsibility for the iPhone problems.

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