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August 13, 2008



I thought they already had this.


Movies wouldn't lie, would they?


C'mon. Chris, were it not for alcohol many of us would not be here today. Impede al-kee-haul consumption and the human species would end by attrition.


If my last entrie's snarkery wasn't obvious, I'm saying that alcohol screws things up. Also, 5 years ftw to you Chris as I'd guess avoiding alcohol as a stand-up (in bars, other comics networking/drinking) might be challenging.


Wasn't this an episode of the Outer Limits or Monsters where the pill turned out to be some kind of creature that would only grow it the host drank alcohol?

The Nerdist

Alan, I'm not gonna lie. There's a lot of booze readily available in comedy. Seeing the occasional hammered, trainwreck of a comic helps keep it undesirable.

Beau: I don't know but I do remember a Dark Side where Stacey Keach gets a head of hair that turns out to be tiny aliens.


i'm a gigging musician, and i've unfortunately sat in with so many DRUNK musicians on stage, it's really sad. they don't know what they're doing, play like crap, say STUPID stuff on the mic and make the whole band look bad.

drunk comedy can't be that good either... jeff dunham has a dvd where he says they shot 2 shows back to back for the dvd and he got a bit liquored in between the 2 and totally lost his train of thought during the 2nd show!

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