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August 13, 2008



I dunno, looks like a dog to me. Whenever I think of chupacabras, I think of my hick father-in-law listening to Art Bell's radio show in the middle of the night and then telling us excitedly about "goat-SUCKers" the next day.

My husband emailed me about this, and called it a "coopracracobrea", which I have determined is the best fictional creature name ever.


i thought that chupacabras were supposed to look like large rats with webbed feet and hands and really big eyes (no idea why i think this)

and if that thing is a chupacabra
wats so scary bout it
in my opinion a chupacabra is a coyote that only eats goats

The Nerdist

I know it's not for us as humans to worry about but the Mayor of Goats is really freaked out.


"While the goats are asleep in their Victorian four poster beds, the Chupacabra swoops in, having taunted the goat in its dreams for many nights previous."

That is some genius writing. Genius.


I thought you were going to use the word "preternatural" for a second there. So glad you didn't.


Thank God, I just knew they were going to shoot the poor thing.

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