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September 02, 2008



I've been waiting on this since last week. As far as I'm concerned you and Alison are the best hosting duo.


Have fun Chris, you do a superior job hosting.

On one occasion hosting with Layla a short while back you both seemed to connect/genuinely get into some fun with "what's all this then?" as you charmed her with a fake British accent; may I humbly request you think about doing a little more of your hack Brit accent (and British sayings) when with Layla for fun?


Aww... it's always a special treat when you host in K-Per and O-Munn's absence cannot wait.


too cool. i always enjoy it. then i cry a little bit.


I'm exited to see you host the show. I want to see if you can get Layla to hit you again.


Haha, sorry to admit it, but I want to see him get hit by Layla again too!


chris does his talkin with his beard!!


Do it Chris!


"#d83f20-colored shirt" -- LMFAO! Isn't that the same name Versace is using for that color this season?

Dave Anthony

You don't deserve this honor.


I don't know if anyone else has said it, but, I'm digging the beard.


it's not a real beard. it's kevin's hair glued onto his face. but it does look pretty ba chris. plus, you + alison + layla = awesome. very glad to hear you guys will be intra-t.v.-enously serving my brain with knowledge (i can do puns too yay!)

The Nerdist

Thanks everyone! I'll try to Brit it up with Layla, I did glue old Pereira chest shavings to my face and Dave Anthony is a 40 year old elderly crank.


Do you have an office job at G4 when your not hosting?


yay yay yay yay!


sweet i got the shout out on stickam chat too :)

and flitz called the quote of the day:

"You go and be strong in your core while i'm punching you in the face..."

or something like that hahah!

Jason Nash

awesome Chris...
I don't watch this channel, but now I will.
good luck, knock em' dead.


You should get your own TV Show to host...... Oh yeah.... Is Wired Science still on?


Well done today Chris. I always look forward to when you and Alison are hosting together, its a great show every time!


This is gonna be the most awesome half-month ever!
Maybe you'll even get smacked again!


I DVRd it and have to say you seemed to have fun and you both did a great job/very funny and fun. Chris, why does AOTS aim itself toward the 18-34 while it pretty much does commercials for many things and services that mostly the late 30s and up crowd can afford?

Gerard Massey

Yay! I call for a "Hard & Phirm" host AOTS day. :)


Hey , you're doing great Chris. Say...

Could you put some more curry and hot peppers on that tonight for me? I'd like a side of controversy with that too please. With just a smidgeon of ambiguous rage please. k, thx.


yea.. and social studies does suck!!


good times. :) and you got slapped at least twice! well done sir.

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