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September 15, 2008



you got chocolate on my iPhone you got iPhone on my chocolate


Well, sadly, I don't have an iPhone, so I don't have "Experience." But in that picture, you look like you're having one HELL of an experience.


2.1 is going good so far for me. Battery life is good, much better than previously.

If you would have gone any further with that iPhone, this entry would have needed a NSFW tag.


Backups are certainly faster. So far my battery life has been worse, but I think I've just been stressing the phone a bit. I'll give it normal use the next few days and see how it goes. Overall, seems like a solid update. It's just a shame that we still haven't gotten the features everyone ASSUMED would be coming in the first major update. Cut 'n Paste or background notifications, anyone?


oh hell yes my battery actually works for more than 2 hours!


Things are good so far -- no out-of-nowhere browser/app crashing back to the home screen, and the 3G *seems* to be working much better. I'll have to normalize my usage to get a better feel on the battery, though. Now, how long until 2.2?

Beau RYan

2.1 nails, my aim app no longer bombs, i will need to go 3g soon since i just discovered mobile.pornhub.com, yeah u pervs may want to bookymarkeymark that to your home screen. btw you and alison killed it, you two should have your own regular segment. im sure gavin will approve.


he's obviously trying out the new iTaste application :P


Loved those two weeks of AotS. Wish you were the real host... minus the lack of blogs. I think I prefer the Nerdist. That said, 2.1 has indeed delivered on it's promises. I am quite happy with it.


first off, i can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! great job on the show!

as for the iphone, i'm on iphone edge, and it definitely improves a lot of things. no apps crashed yet, but safari still crashes on some text entry forms.

um... nice... pic.....


I have noticed that you just love licking stuff. Very interesting. I miss you on AOTS.

Megan {Velveteen Mind}

Love it. I think my last comment was a direct request to see you licking more gadgets. Specifically, I was looking for you making out with stuff, so this is perfect.

And "Frenching and chocolate"? I adore that you would even type "Frenching."


I'm too poor for an iPhone. I probably wouldn't be if I stopped buying expensive Japanese figures. Oh, well. We'll miss you on AOTS.


Yummmmm... Tasty firmware.


Who needs porn when I could just watch Chris Hardwick lick stuff


Enjoy it while you can. The Google phone is not only the "iPhone killer," it will capture the iPhone, starve and torture the Apple handheld, break its will and turn it into a mindless cannibal slave.


oh chris
I'd make sweet sweet nerdy love to you


The 2.1 has really improved my battery life. I can go 2 days without a charge (if you can believe it)

My biggest problem before the update was with the flippin' typing lag! It's better. I still get a few freezes every once in a while, but for something that has a million processes going on everyday, I'm impressed with the performance of 2.1. Good job Apple!

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