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September 30, 2008



can't wait to Hard N Firm challenge Mr. Napkins to a Rap battle


This is great!

Also, all hail Reggie Watts, who is just a nutty genius.


Haha I like this guy. That was very entertaining. Haha. Makes me laugh.


That was pretty rad.

As far as I'm concerned, though, comedy rap begins and ends with MC Hawking. You down with entropy?

Mr. Bueno

I have fond memories of 2Live Jews.


This guy is alright, but I still prefer Bo Burnham.

Anthony Michael Angelo

I like how he wanted the audience to hear every part of the production more than the rap itself. It reminded me of the great taste of pure honey. thumbs up, pants down, ejaculatory glands away!


Dang. Today I found about "The Cool Kids" and this guy. AWESOME. This has been an amazing musical day for me.

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