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September 09, 2008



Does Amazon have some competition? (Didn't see the video yet.)

The Nerdist

Definitely not.


I love that you have one of those awesome Wire & Twine Tim Gunn t-shirts!

Oh, and the review is fun too.


The Kindle is like the Iphone of Ereaders, right? Why does it matter how thin this device is if it's not wireless? If I'm waiting in an airport and I've spent 300 bucks on a machine, it better fucking give me what I want right then and there! I've heard all kinds of rumors about the new Kindle coming out next month with a slimmer design and it's supposed to not be as ugly as the 1st Gen model. Although the New York Times reported that there would be no new Kindle this year, I have to wonder why they've dropped the price, and are now offering it for even cheaper if you sign up for an Amazon credit card.

IMO, you should have ripped this model apart. We are destroying far too many trees and college kids are spending FAR too much money on textbooks for Sony and other electronic companies to sit on their fucking hands and wait for Amazon to Save the World. Here we have an advancement in technology that offers less of a drain on our resources and may just open the doors of higher education to poor kids who don't have 6-800 bucks a semester for books. And instead of coming up with something that is both useful and beneficial to the only Earth we have, every company seems to be circling round in efforts to create a phone that rivals Apple, but there really doesn't seem to be any competition for the Kindle.

And that makes me sick.

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