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November 26, 2008



I am so happy to know where you get your shirts. I was one of those people who asks " Chris where did you get you shirt."


now i can finally attempt to be as cool as you... only when i'm hugging bob saget will i have achieved such stature, though...


This is amazing. I watched your Storm review last night and immediately thought, "I need that shirt!" and voila here it is. It's a Thanksgiving day miracle indeed.


Hey, you wore a Nerdist.com shirt not to long ago on AOTS. Where can I get that shirt?

I am digging the "Special" shirt.


Awesome on 2 counts: 1. I, too, am addicted to t-shirts and can now shop another fabulous site. 2. FINALLY I can place that graphic! I could date it, but not remember where it was from.

Thanks for enabling!

The Nerdist

chrisallen: maybe don't run up to Bob on the street and try to hug him.

Beau: The Nerdist shirt I had made in a t-shirt shop in Vancouver. It's one of those stores that every mall used to have where you pick out the shirt and the vinyl iron-on. With that one, I just had them put "NERDIST" instead of . I might produce a limited run of them, though...


what about the nerdist t-shirt with the palm tree?


forget my question, i didn't read the other posts, sorry

Michael aka Senor Shutter

HOLY CRAP!!! My name is on the front page of The Nerdist!

This unworthy novice nerdist kneels before the MASTER NERDIST and thanks him for this honor.


I have noticed that our generation has more tee choices now than ever before. At least once a week I find a shirt online that I'd like to have, but I always tell myself, "damn it, self, I already have like a million tee shirts, damn!"


I was THIS }{ CLOSE to commenting on your extra special "Special" t-shirt. I recognized it immediately and giggled, but thought I shouldn't leave yet ANOTHER comment about your exceptional taste in t-shirts. Glad to know everyone appreciates them.

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