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December 05, 2008



not the worst 5 mins so it wasn't a waste, nice to see how things really look behind the scenes

David E

Thanks for the tour, I always wanted to know what the hell was on the other side of the podium, glad to know its nothing..............., I'm suprised K-per and Oliva weren't hiding somewhere in the studio for you to find.

Nathaniel Wedgington Hornswaggle III

You and Kevin should get together and qik each other. If you perceive what I'm drifting your way. Both of those sounded wrong.


I love the noise that represents expensive equipment. Its the perfect encapsulation.


Really neat! Many thanks for showing us the AOTS set. The back of the podium is really cluttery and a bit dangerous with the extension chord. I hope we don't get to see any of you guys get electrocuted cos you know, death sucks.


Greetings from the alleged city of Knoxville,TN. Take Qik to the studio's bathrooms; I'd like to see them!


Thanks for the behind the scenes. I love you Chris Hardwick!


Who DOESN'T love pie?


"Justice League Friday," and "A lot of exposed business..." You're very funny Chris, I appreciate your sense of humor.

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