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June 25, 2008



Ooh, your blog is all new and shiny! Nice! :)


I had no idea Wired Science wasn't picked up again. That's a shame - it was the most interesting Science (with a big 'S') show on TV in the last 10-15 years.

It's great to see these episodes on Hulu though.


Aw, man. No new episodes? Guess it's time to edit the old ones into new episodes that make no sense.

Dan Telfer

I am also bummed to learn Wired Science is a corpse. That's always a sad way to find out someone you loved has died, to see it on display as a caged zombie. Oh well. At lease I can skip the formality of sending a floral arrangement to the funeral, and just throw the zombie some brain chips.


wired science was an amazing show and I just recently found out it wasn't coming back....I guess they needed to make room for another pointless shitty reality show about people cutting trees

The Nerdist

Thanks, Cass! In all fairness, PBS also has shows about how to make trellises. Their unique brand of lullaby programming is designed to gently walk the elderly into their graves.


I agree that PBS dishes out some great programming....however Wired Science gave a lot of great insight into certain aspects of medical research that got my geek (I mean nerd) clock ticking. I mean nobody else talks about oxycyte which such zealous or makes me think twice about eating cool whip now I know what's inside it. My real point is TV has gone to the reality dogs and educational science shows are far and few between.

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