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August 22, 2008



I want it. Seriously. That is the best thing ever.


i think i still have an old tandy that i used to play math blaster plus on !!!!


Give it to me NOW. Please? I mean, I want that because that is the greatest computer I have set my eyes on.


I bet he gets blazing fast internets on that 56k. *drool* ;)


This is so cute! I know how you feel, I finally taught my parents to quit clicking on banner ads that say they're won something.
All together now, "awww."


Ostranders Sunday. You should come.

The Nerdist

Well, he doesn't actually use it. Other people do. He refuses to learn "all that email shit."


Having bowled at Billy Hardwick's many times, I'm not terribly surprised the technology that runs the place is a bit behind the times. Fun joint though, THE place to be on a Friday night, if you're in high school or a U of M underclassman.

The Nerdist

Nice, Jowey! Fortunately, the whole place recently got a tech overhaul. The only thing left was his office computer, which is on its way out.


Thanks for the heads up, Chris. I might make a visit next time I break out the ball and shoes. Next time you're in town, Bring the Phirm and do a show. We're languishing out here in the Mid-South.


He'll never get V.90 with all that mold on the modem!


Man, whatever happened to zip discs? They were all the rage back in... uh... 97-99 time frame I think. It's been awhile. I only had one pc that actually came with one. My top of the line 3k bucks Dell with, at the time, an amazing 300mHz. Whoooooo.

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