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August 25, 2008



Great contest - congrats to the winners! Maybe next time I'll be able to bring the funny and be a serious contender. :)


Wow, I got an honorable mention? I'm honored!! I enter The New Yorker's cartoon caption contest all the time and I've never gotten squat from them.

P.S. I really really really want to write a pilot for "Shatner and the Shrink Ray."

a phan of philth

I'm so glad Moxie won! That entry had me smiling all day.


thanks for the fun work distraction hardwick!
the one by moxie made me actually "lol." glad they won. but i gotta say...7th grade filth? 7th graders know about the shocker?! kids nowadays... *mutter mutter*


Congrats to the winner, but I must note this:
if your virtual music storefront doesn't say "iTunes," you're probably violently opposed to DRM.

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