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August 18, 2008


Jason C

We finally see the one pulling the strings at Rodent Idol.

Matt Perry

The master of animal magic, Maestro Hardwich attempts his break through trick of removing the mice's table cloth but leaving them, mean while he must deal with his finicky new assistant. Damn non-union squirrel helper really tries to get some camera time, the mice judges will not be pleased, and we all know they are a stiff crowd


Chris Hardwick lover of all squirrels... or evil dictator of all squirrels, with there amazing abilities to climb trees and chatter insistently , as well as his special flying brigade, Dr. Hardvick will soon having the world leaders trembling at his feet.


Slow and steady is the only way to pull off the squirrel shocker


What The F Is This???? pt. 5: Nerdist's First Attempt At Hampster Olympics

Dan Telfer

"I give the ASK Proxima C175 projector a 85%. The RS232 connection isn't very reliable, and I suspect they fudged how many lumens it can actually put out. 2,000 max? I doubt it. So for all intents and purposes I should give it a much lower score. But take off the lid, and there is a delightful woodland game show taking place."


The dramatic chipmunk strikes again, but this time with his new game show (japan only), produced by Chris Hardwick.


The Mouse brothers throw themselves onto Ritchie's coffin in a fit of grief while Donny flies a kite, knowing in his heart that God will deliver the cheese attached to his cousin.


Feeling vengeful about getting voted off "America's Got Talented Cheese," Chris Hardwick exacted his revenge on the judges. For posterity and to appease his narcissistic lust, he snapped this shot just before he struck. Authorities are still seeking the whereabouts of the mice. Mr. Hardwick was questioned by PETA and released.


Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
I think so Brain, but first we have to lose the comedian. Narf!


1 Hardwick 4 squirrels.


"Hey guys, lets put on "I wanna sex you up" and have a rave. Tempting, no?"

Jay in PA

Come crawling faster.... Obey your master!


Earlier this week, infamous animal seducer Chris Hardwick tried to steal the attention of the mice panel at the Taxidermy Olympics by projecting a "beam-o-sex" into the camera's lens, reflecting his sexy rays into the glassy eyes of the judges. Luckily, Donna the Squirrel was able to win over the gaze of the judges, receiving a perfect score. It's rumored that Hardwick took her sister Donnie out to dinner later that night.


Comedian Chris Hardwick commences with campaign to literally make his dreams come true. Next week: that one he had about he and a tiny William Shatner starting their own frozen custard stand.

The Nerdist

Katai: I actually have Shatner and the shrink ray. Ironically it's the frozen custard I'm having difficulty acquiring.

And yes, "Shatner and The Shrink Ray" is an excellent sitcom name.

Jay in PA

On this episode of America's Next Top Squirrel Model, Squirrel-kira poses nude for the panel and a Hardwick is strangely aroused! *conversations off set refer to the ASPCA and Hardwick * Will Hardwick still be around for the next thrilling installment?

A Guy Who Can't Win

And this week's Iron Chef ingredient: "Squirrel Convention Check-In Table!"

David E

"Soon, Soon My Plans For World Domination Will Finally Come To Pass, AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"


Pay no attention to that nerd behind the curtain!


"...China later apologized for the apparent CGI Nerd Deity at the 2008 'Munk Idol Opening Ceremonies this past weekend. Officials were stated as saying, "There was no way to actually integrate the giant head of our leader without endangering both the judges, and everyone inside Peanut Stadium."


The mighty rodent god motions towards what was to be the three blind mice's last supper-urging his malevolent squirrel minion to do the nasty job quickly-thus sealing the doom of the differently abled mice in a shiny golden stream of death


Behold- Richard Gere's colon!


Hard n' Phirm - Behind the Music : Sex, Alcohol, Rodents

Most knew him as the witty co-host of Singled Out, but since going off the air Hardwick’s career had tragically gone downhill. Depression and financial ruin lead him to take the only gigs available. Seen here during his 1998 Venice beach period Hardwick tries to wow the boardwalk crowds with his live 3 card monte mice act.

kawan best

Abracadabra! Abracadbra I say!

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