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December 17, 2008



This is a cool idea, being as i am a total comic nerd. thanks alot CH


arnie...wow..those pants are like...i don't usually go for green pants outside of a lederhosen, but those are workin' for me, sugar!


Chris -- thank you for your continued efforts to keep the socially awkward satisfied...

I'm a huge alternate universe nerd, so I'm glad DC realized that there is no way any comic book company will ever be able to wrestle "continuity" into submission. Wolverine is on every Marvel team. Every single one. I'm pretty sure there's a Wolvy Clone Saga around the corner that will put Spidey's to shame.

A friend of mine contends that DC already has plans to give Barbara Gordon working legs again. You'd think with all the superhero pals she has, if that was going to happen, it would've happened already. Oracle is a great character and will be a minor loss to fanboy outcry.

But long live Hal Jordan.
And thank all celestial beings for Geoff Johns.


I love comic books but I am not into them as much I would like to be. I like to read about them any chance that I get. So it is cool dat Hardwick has his friend do this, especially that he talked about DC because I love DC. I like Marvel but love DC.


I think DC puts out the shittiest most uninteresting monthly titles EVER. Having said that, most of Marvel's stuff is shit too. But at least some of their monthlies don't reek. The only thing DC has going for it is Vertigo and their one-shot graphic novel stuff. Otherwise? Thumbs down....Ppppbbllllllttttt!!!!

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